what to see in Brescia

Charged like a spring, Brescia is ready to bounce back from the pandemic. A new challenge awaits the city, with the creation of an “illuminated city” as main goal that can offer its visitors every kind of experience.

Culture as a remedy

Rejoicing in the event Brescia received me, 
Brescia the strong, Brescia the iron-handed, 
Drenched in the blood of her enemies, 
Brescia the lioness of Italy.

During the pandemic, Brescia once again revealed itself as “Lioness of Italy”.
This nickname was given in 1848 by the Italian poet Giosuè Carducci, thanks to the city’s courage during the Ten Days of Brescia. 
If you were intrigued by this appellative, a visit to the Renaissance museum in the Castle of Brescia (panoramic view incorporated) can help you deepen the matter.

The natural city

Between Lake Garda and Lake Iseo – Brescia is not just an historic center: the countryside takes the space that deserves: from Franciacorta, land of bubbles, to Valcamonica, Valley of Landmarks.

The city of hidden treasures

Brescia looks after its roman temple, UNESCO World Site, heart of its cultural heritage that sees as Main Street a “kilometer of Beauty”: Via Musei or the Decumanus Maximus, as you prefer… 
The "capitolium” is even home to a worthy cousins of the Riace Bronzes: the Vittoria Alata, one of the most extraordinary roman statues.

HOWEVER, the hidden treasures are not finished yet, all it takes a backwards step, into the Rock Drawings in Valcamonica, the first Italian site to obtain UNESCO recognition.

Now, more than ever, we are ready to welcome you!
To discover what to see and what to do in Brescia, you can choose one or several of our itineraries: they will guide you to the discovery of the historical wonders and the flavors of the brescian territory.

We are sure that they will make you bounce like a spring!