Brescia: City of Mille Miglia
Live a unique race from a vantage point, within the city center, thanks to our central position, with a large and exclusive car park. You will be able to live the magic of the historic race, without compromises.
Brescia: City of Mille Miglia
Garda Lake
The Garda Lake is worldwide known for the wonderful landscapes, the ancient settlements, as well as for the typical, unique atmosphere of the small, picturesque towns surrounding it.
A territory made of places, its excellent wines and delicacies to taste. Unveil the ancient villages, craftsmanship and traditions of a unique land.
Historic Brescia
A step into the History, from the origins under the Roman rule to Modern Age, through the Middle Age and Renaissance.
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Some days of relax in Italy at Brescia?

In the green oasis of our Garden, a true preservation park of rare and endangered Atlas cedars, plus Himalayan cedars and an old olive-tree: Read the Story!




What to see in Brescia in a day?

A look at our proposals of itineraries in Brescia and through its territory:

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Our Style
Our Style

You're here because you're not looking for a hotel in Brescia but a urban Green Oasis and a Monumental Baroque-Style Experience.

And from here we're ready to take you back off-line, to the center of Brescia


HINT: push that button and book directly with us, because:

only here you won't have cancellation penalty fees until your arrival, parking is free of charge, and you can immediately add the breakfast. And only here we let you completely personalise your stay and we offer you our packages: for example, the tour of Brescia museums or a trip plus wine tasting in Franciacorta


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Panoramic View on the Castle of Brescia

Upper-storey room with Balcony

Garden Single
1 Large Twin Bed (120 cm) and window on a Urban Oasis

The unique Garden View in Brescia

Where to stay in Brescia in Art & with the History?

Certainly not in a hotel, because: don't you really want a Monumental Baroque-style Experience?

We are an ancient Palace at the heart of Brescia center and we have a mission for hospitality: combining the historic character-&-allure with efficiency, the courteous service with professionalism.

Centro Paolo VI is not a hotel in Brescia but much more: it pretends to be your romance spanning from the booking experience by your smartphone to the walks you'll pay through the pillars of the cloister, and in the garden.

That is, a Monumental Baroque-style Experience with garden view.

Only after that, we also have: rooms, each intending to match your mood of now.

And a restaurant in Brescia, for you desiring a typical dinner with traditional local food that would accompany you to a genuine enogastronic experience. We also think that stereotyped half board belongs to the past: we want to share the table with you.

In addition, we have a large internal parking area with 250 car parking spaces - exclusively free for all our direct bookers.

Don't miss to discover everything you can see and what to do as you visit Brescia - the 2023 Italian Capital of Culture - and its surroundings!