Our Instagram Places

When you're on a trip - especially being alone -, you always look for places where you can make (and be the protagonist of) the nicest photos - ready to be shared on the socials. These are the Instagram places of Brescia.

Well, we're full of locations where you'll be awesome in your photos (and definetely super liked/hearted).
Here we've chosen our 3 top Instagram places of your holidays in Brescia.
As soon as you arrive, under the full daylight or in the deep suggestion of the sunset, look for them through our Palace corridors and halls, and in the Garden green: if you tag us in an Instagram story, we'll give you a 10% off travel credit for a future stay with us (also, you can pass it to your friends if you like).

But, if you find all the 3 Instagram spots down here and "make use" of them for 3 stories while tagging us, your travel credit will rise up to the 20%!

The Monumental Staircase


The Monumental Staircase is undoubtly the first on the list, with its two doric columns that, supporting all the royal majesty of the long architrave under the vault frescoes, invite you to step up and: shot all the photos you want!

The Atlas Cedars


Our Garden is not casually an Oasis. In the heart of Brescia, it preserves 13 different classified plants, some rare and exotic.
The Atlas Cedars, originally from Northern Africa, are a species considered endangered in Nature - and we carefully look after them!

And they are ready to be the scenography of your best shots in Brescia.

The Moretto's Painting


Our Palace is also unique since it comprehends a church whose original nucleus dates back to the XVII century.
In the church there's a renaissance painting by Moretto, Brescian artist who worked under the influence of Venetian Titian and Giorgione: "The Trinity crowns the Virgin, with the saints Peter, Paul, and the allegories of Justice and Peace".

Under the gold of the coffered ceiling and a few steps away from the organ pipes, this is an occasion you can't miss to... immortalize yourself!

Solo Travel to Italy

Where do you want to travel to Italy today? Since we're always on a trip, possibly wandering with the mind only, and the most intriguing travellers are ourselves, aren't we? And: time is always right to imagine a travel, even thought we're not accompanied.

That's why searches of the best place to travel alone in Italy are keep on growing, made by both women and men.
Well, which is the best place to travel alone in Italy?
Certainly where there's relax, curiosity and peace, a bit of socials: to immerse yourself into... yourself, stop being a tourist to start becoming a digital nomad traveller - and fiercely tell everybody!

For this reason, we decided to become your best place to solo female travel (but obviously, boys can join as well): let us turn you into a Garden Single, Single in the Garden: with a window wide open on a park exploding all the shades of green, which you can even see while lying on your bed;

surrounded by its Nature soundtrack that you can listen to on Spotify too -

and our best places to get photos to share.


Thus we tailored an offer on the solo travellers, called Lilac.