Around Brescia, between the Central Alps, there is a valley, known worldwide for its Rock Drawings; Italy's first recognized World Heritage Site.

Its origins date back to 15 000 years ago when, at the end of the last glaciation, the glacier melted, digging up the actual valley.

Nowadays, the Val Camonica look after more than 30 000 Rock Drawings:
signs that wanted to leave messages and notices directed at the gods or other men’s.

Walking through the 8 Archeological Parks in the area, it is possible to admire depictions of hunters, warriors, farmers, cart and animals of every kind and try to decipher its meaning.

Among the drawings of more difficult interpretation is the Camunian Rose, that owes its name to the similarity of a flower; nowadays a stylized "Camunian Rose" has become the symbol of the Lombardy Region.

Valcamonica is even a symbol of Nature, thanks to its territory with diversified landscapes, with its two natural parks: the Stelvio National Park and the Adamello Regional Park.


Discover the meadows, the alpine pastures and the perennial glaciers.