Paul VI Center is a Garden

The garden

Your accommodation in Brescia set in a park of trees

At the heart of your room in Brescia (our unique "view with garden"), right within the Center, there is an ancient garden featuring a beautiful 1600 sqm park with ancient trees.

A fresh green space in the heart of the city. The park is suggestively illuminated during evening hours and at night, thus providing a perfect place for reflection and chilling out.


How you will feel under a shed of green? A History of the Garden in 10 stages, step by step

1) While walking through Brescia, watching in the gardens the contour and shapes of evergreen trees, which come from diverse and far lands, is not rare.

The same happens in our garden whose trees, mainly evergreen, welcome you in a mesmerizing ambient.


2) The Atlas cedars - endangered species safeguarded by Redlist Of Ecosystems - are the green scenography of the garden that we protect, together with the Himalaya cedars and incense cedars.


3) A mature example of yew bearing evident scares on the trunk, is the only tree in the garden that spontaneously grows on the mountains within the land of Brescia.


4) Amongst the cedars is a group of Chinese windmill palms, whose seeds generated young examples in the shadow.


5) The tree series finds its sum at our iconic olive-tree.


6) Furthermore, spaces between the tree vaults are decorated by globose bushes of oleander.


7) October to January, the small flowers of chimonanthus release a delicate fragrance spreading even out of the precinct.


8) And the holly, concealing behind the sleeves and branches of the shrubs.


9) The Japanese barberry surrounds the garden’s central flowerbeds.


10) And in the end: the bushes of Japanese convallaria with their red berries.


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