Paul VI Center
A unique context, for uniquely experience Brescia

Paul VI Center Brescia, Italy

The Paul VI Center forms a cultural, spiritual environment, a living and dining, meeting and work place in the center of Brescia

The Paul VI Center is a unique ambience situated in the heart of Brescia historic center. A merger of two historic buildings, the Center is a monumental Baroque-style experience of Brescia, place for cultural and spiritural development, living and dining, work and meetings. The Center can be characterised as an atmosphere that combines hospitality, professionalism, and courtesy. The Paul VI Center welcomes all those initatives that comply with the institutional purposes of the Center.

It is characterized by an elegant atmosphere that blends harmony with the historic nature of the building, and the highest level of courtesy, hospitality and service for every occasion. The purpose of the Center is to promote the ongoing formation of clergy, the religious and apostolic animation of laity. Welcoming initiatives for those who are within a particular church, association, group, that work in the spirit of christianity, institutions, public and private, individuals who require accommodation; sharing the goals of the Center. More in general, the Paul VI Center is the natural home of all those initiatives that in the light of the signs of the times and in the spirit of the Vatican Council II, consistent with the goals of the institution of the Center itself.